Independent Escort

Imogen Holden

South Kensington, London

I am an independent escort. I offer incalls from a private flat just moments from South Kensington tube station.

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We’re close. Stood just a little apart, you can feel me even though we are not touching.

Close your eyes. I’ll let my hands wander down the length of your arms. Stroking you, petting you, exciting you. Just the brush of my fingertips at your wrist, reaching for your hand, it's enough to elicit a sigh. So very slowly moving together. Don’t turn, don’t move, it is so very peaceful just to be touched. There is nothing for you to do, just stay as you are. Succumb, surrender, if just for a little while.

My face against your back, pressed so close you can feel my lashes fluttering as I trace a finger along the line of your spine. Exploring you. Feeling you. You’re aching. I’m lingering, taking my time, letting my lips glance across your back. Barely there, yet making you wet.

I can feel your body move with every breath. You are tense. I need you calm. When I touch, you should feel us entwined, from the inside out, as if we were are a single thing. It’s a feeling that is almost beyond words, so very tender it is difficult to describe.

My hands come to rest at your waist. I'm wrapped around you, stroking you. I can feel the outline of you, stiff beneath the towel. I'll stand on tiptoes to massage your shoulders, gently to start. Kneading stress and upset away, making you forget everything that need not be in this space.

I can’t help but kiss the nape of neck as I stretch to reach and whisper “lay down”.

And why wouldn’t you comply? You need this… time to yourself, time to be adored without words, without equivocation or strife.

Let me massage you. Experience arousal differently.

Very attractive blonde - the commonest words used to describe her are elfin or pixie-like and thats pretty spot on. What it doesn't describe is the raunchy knowing look in her eye and tone in her voice. This was one of the best, most erotic, most intimate massage that I've ever had. It was absolute perfection. Totally wonderful time.
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