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I am an independent escort. I work exclusively for myself, not for an escort agency or any other third party. I've worked for (and run) escort agencies in the past, some great ones in fact, but I find I enjoy life more as an independent escort because I am free to express myself as I please and to be selective about the clients I entertain.


You enjoy sensual encounters without the usual 'girlfriend experience' nonsense. I'm not your girlfriend and I have zero intention of behaving as if I were a hyper-sexualised version of said female. If you want someone to lie to you about the size of you manhood or sexual prowess, there are lots of ladies willing to oblige but it's just not my thing. Time spent with me is very tactile, gentle and always honest.

Tactile, gentle, honest - it's a different starting point to a lot of escorts. I've worked as an escort for a fair few years and one of the most important things sex work has taught me: truly amazing sex (we are not here to be mediocre darrrling) only happens when there is a REAL connection. For me, beautiful sex most often happens when I can be quiet and take time to slowly explore the person I am with. As an extension of that, I really enjoy seduction and foreplay and find massage to be a beautiful way to harmonise. Bookings with me always include an element of massage. You can read more about massage on the tantric massage page and erotic massage page.

What more to say? I climax when genuinely aroused (no hang-ups about about being intimate) and not if I'm not (never fake). I like kissing so I kiss... Simple huh?


You want any of the following: moaning and groaning (I'm just not very noisy), to have your clothes ripped off the moment you arrive (slowly does it please), anything fetishistic (bored of it), role-play (yeah, as some of you may remember I'm exceedingly good at it... BUT... I am also exceedingly bored of it), anal, to talk about the weather (just don't), you think taking a shower before our appointment is optional (it's not, you are required to shower on arrival).

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A great massage with mix of firm and tickling in those all important areas. She kept me covered with a towel initially (it was a bit cold early on) just exposing the parts to be worked on but I found this even more erotic when she strayed under. All in all a great time with a very happy ending.
coolcucumberxxx - Punternet
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